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I’m Levi and I’m a full time designer from Malaysia, and I’m the best example of consequence of student who didn’t perform well in school and ended up as a web designer, therefore I always tell everyone around me especially my son to study well in school.

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I start working at 11am after fetching my son to school everyday, averagely I design two websites every week and mostly of my clients are mainly from Singapore and Malaysia. Besides web design service, I handle everything in my office too, I do system functionality check everyday and mop floor on every Friday.

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I don’t have any particular life goal for myself, anyway my wife says she wish to have a helicopter someday, so I guess that’s what keeps me motivated and passionate all time in my design career. I have very unusual habit in design, I hate conventional concept and design therefore I always love to destroy them by reinventing the design. Lastly I hope to retire at age of 50 and reside in Alaska with my wife.

Website isn’t just about laptop

Website isn’t just about laptop or digital screens, it should able to represent your business identity. I like things in clean and simplify design, and I introduce western modernise design concept in the web design service I provide. My design service prioritise in small to medium scaled business, providing alternative or solution to digitalise a business with the use of website along with some other beneficial marketing tools and platform such as google map, search engine optimisation, budget google ads, and more.

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Web design service at affordable rate

I’m an artist and I love to visualise a virtual concept into reality. I together with my other 3 teammates offer web design service for different business industries at affordable rate. Highly customise each tool and feature to make them suitable for different business need’s. Example tourism website with online booking system, fashion store website with shopping cart system, and more.

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Appointed IT consultant by over 5x corporates

I provide consultation service and alternative of how to maximise a business in internet. NEST ( my design team ) is appointed by over 50 more small corporates based in Malaysia and Singapore as external IT consultant handling matters relate to website, marketing, as well as how to maximise business potential online at lowest cost.

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I Design your business concept

Every new website published on internet is like a lost wooden ship wondering in ocean, therefore it’s important for a business to has an unique personality and concept to introduce a brand in vast market, as well as to all potential customer. Beside providing responsive web design, I also offer business branding concept design and some other possible strategies on internet to market a business/product online.