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I love to destroy ugly design and reinventing perfection everyday

Absolute aesthetic design, carefully crafted with care and wines. I’m the Cover Everything Officer of NEST and I do high-end grade web design and integrated I.T solution for clients mainly from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Click the following button to browse more for recent design projects me and my team have developed.


All in one solution web design service

Content Management System

We use wordpress as our base CMS for our clients, wordpress is one popular content management system which being globally used and powering 60% of websites according to statistic. CMS allows web admin to do content update and management easily

Premium Page Builder

One of the best page builder available on the market with value USD 59. Powerful drag and drop builder software for wordpress, allows you to create unlimited beautiful web pages without the need of coding knowledge. Tutorial video available on youtube


We have made SEO setting become much easier for web admin, providing the best SEO software to our clients, extreme easy and powerful software help to promote and rank your website on google with guided search engine optimisation technique.


Highly responsive and intelligently arranged for mobile devices view. Website automatically transforms to fit in accordance to devices’ screen size for best view.

PCI Compliance Server

24 Hours server monitoring protection with free SSL padlock. Your website and data will be handled in good hands of server experts.

SEO Friendly

SEO friendly design with free SEO software installed to help market business online easily. We assist in google search submission and structural optimisation.


Cloud Flare Protection

Further enhance a website’s security and speed with cloudflare protection. Undeterred mitigation of DDoS attack, Content delivery network plus other speed and security booster software included in the web design service.

Super Cache and Optimisation

Not just ordinary web cache software, a super dynamic cache paired with high end hosting spec such as PHP7, NGINX, PLC Compliance, CDN, global data center and etc to make a website triple faster than average. 100% up time guaranteed.

Advance Slider

Premium slider installation integration with various features and animation, support video background and super responsive


Corporate Website

RM 3800
Advance Content Management System
Advance Drag & Drop Page Builder
Modernized and Responsive Structure
20+ HD background Images
SEO software
SEO setup service
Google Search Console Submission/Audit
Live Chat / Contact Form
SSL padlock/ SSD Hosting / Domain Free on 1st Year
Cloudflare Protection

eCommerce Website

RM 3800
Complete Shopping Cart System
Advance Content Management System
Advance Drag & Drop Page Builder
Modernized and Responsive Structure
20+ HD background Images
Script writing service [except product description]
SEO software
SEO Setup
Google Search Console Submission/Audit
Live Chat / Contact Form
SSL padlock/ SSD Hosting / Domain Free on 1st Year
Cloudflare Protection

Don’t trust yourself, Trust me!

Appearance is one big important winning factor on internet, this’s why you should leave this scared duty to the professional.

LEVI, Web designer KL

Specialised in rescuing ugly websites only

I’m a very asian type man and I do lot of crazy design everyday, I provide web design service mainly in area of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. in my philosophy of art definition there’s no absolute perfect nor ugly design, every design is unique with own personality. Generally I spend about 15 hours in a sound-proof room everyday to produce two websites, and rest of the time I’d either shut myself in another room again drinking wine with classic music on or straight to sleep to avoid my wife.


Design with 10 fingers, no PhD required

web designer KL

2009 ~ 2010

from duck to swan

Originally a barista in mont kiara, obtained the power of design from youtube and started off a full time designer career officially in year 2010. Business was shitty that time and might have to starve occasionally to pay hosting service.

web designer kl

2011 ~ 2015

burning passion

Single-handed with all web design agencies in KL and still remain survive, crafted more than 100+ design projects and appointed designer by several corporate, lastly I finally changed my laptop and car.

web design Kuala Lumpur

2016 ~ 2019

Full of white hair

Can’t remember exactly how many websites I had designed, now I’m a married man and feeling not enough of sleep everyday. My primary job now is to mop office floor and answer client calls everyday.


I’m Levi, a full time web designer specialised in designing modernise website with clean and lethal design style. Mainly of my clients are from Singapore and Malaysia, My base office is in Kuala Lumpur and another virtual office located at Raffles Road Land Tower Singapore floor 37th. I provide consultation and assistance to more than 200+ clients in revamping traditional business with the use of website and other available tools on internet. Lastly, I love Singapore Dollar

Affordable web design Malaysia

Badass Web designer KL

Website is the face and identity of a business. A website with strong design creates strong impact to its audiences, in all web design services I had provided to my clients, I design my clients’ website by giving them unique personality each, all exclusively built for different business need.

Diamond City Semenyih, Malaysia

Raffles Road 37th Floor Land Tower Singapore